Code injection

Code injection

hi guys am going to solve PentesterLab Code injection  if you dont know about code injection it's one of big bugs that let hacker to execute codes in server i will give link explain all information about this bug now let us begin in  this  section include four task and how to get RCE  and execute php code .

this first challenge let pwn it  

 pentesters  try to get error simple way to add double quotes 

oh nice you can see it's use eval ,eval one of function in php that when you pass string it convert it to php code now we get error let try to understand how it work here

if you see in second picture it's expecting ! and if you compare it with first one you can see !!! if you change name in parameter it's still add !!! to end 

after reversing code  i can write simple code act like this 

now we have simple code now let to try to fix error 

if you add "." it fix error and now error here now explain what means this payload

eval("hacker"." ") it balanced string as we know . in php it concatenation between string now add payload ".phpinfo();" 
eval("hacker ".phpinfo();" ") it will work 

boom yah you pwned it 

now we go to crack second challenge  

ah this time it's using id to sort some record now go to fuzzing it 

cool we get some error now you notice usort() expects parameter 2 

after googling about usort and how it's work now i can make some reversing here 

first to make correct reversing i doing some simple code  to help me to balanced 

now let work to get pwn

if we enter );} to usort 

); close usort function and } it's close the pwn function and add comment // to comment reset of the code 

finally payload will be );}[but php here]//

oh yah pwned it 

now go to challenge 3

ammmmm here some  regex now this regex it have pattern it /lamer/ and content it's hello lammer and new it's means replace as you can see it's replace lammer with hacker now how we can pwn it ??

after googling and read about regex in php it reveal some issue with regex here

when you using /e it's new value as PHP code, before performing the replace it 

now we can pwn it 

here payload  new=phpinfo()&pattern=/lamer/e&base=Hello%20lamer

it's replace phpinfo with lammer before do that it's execute php because we add /e to pattern 

pwn it now i will give nice trick this challenge it's replace content with value and echo it ok 
if use ` ` with echo in linux you get shell in box yah if echo `id`; it will execute it as linux command 

now navigate to last challenge 

now fuzzing it and get error 

cool this error reveal what we need to pwn server assert it's php function it assert — Checks if assertion is FALSE in this case  it just print now you can notice  assert(): Failure evaluating code: 'hacker'' now you can see  there additional ' that generate this error now i will make simple code can that help us to reversing and pwn it 

now let balanced it

if we enter   hacker'.phpinfo().' 

we balanced it now copy this payload and execute it on server 

oh yah pwn it 

we pwned all four challenge now i will make some links that can help you to understand  it

Code injection []
eval  []

usort []

regex []

assert []


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